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The Theatre is
Located at  
80 Hauxhurst Ave
Weehawken, NJ  07086


The lot behind the theatre has limited space. You can park anywhere in the area of 80 Hauxhurst Avenue, for a show, regardless of street signs. The city of Weehawken will not ticket during our show hours.


You can also park at the Lidl supermarket lot located at 4100 Park Avenue, which is a 5 minute walk from the theatre.  Just do NOT park in the spaces around the edges of the lot.  Those are reserved for Weehawken residents and non-residents will get ticketed.



Bus is the easiest and fastest option from Midtown Manhattan.

The simplest way to get to HTW is using the jitneys – the little van/buses that line up in front of the Microsoft Building on 8th Avenue and 42nd street. Take the jitney that says “Paterson” and tell the driver that you are getting off at the first stop – Park Avenue. There is an attendant on the street to assist you with any questions. After your jitney exits the tunnel, you can remind the driver that you are getting off at Park Avenue. Once out, you can use your GPS to walk one block to 80 Hauxhurst. Cost $3.75. 


Many NJ Transit buses can get you to HTW. One easy option is to take NJ Transit bus 156 or 159. Both leave from Gate 200 in the Port Authority Building. Before boarding the bus, you simply buy a one-way ticket from one of the large orange NJ transit machines. Put in the bus number (156 or 159) and choose ZONE 2. Go to gate 200 and take whichever bus comes first! (Do not take a bus with a letter after the number as they are express buses – 159X or 156R.) After exiting the tunnel, you can push the signal button to alert the driver that you are getting off at the first stop – Park Avenue. Use your GPS to walk one block to 80 Hauxhurst. You can go to the NJ Transit website for departure information for 156 or 159. Cost $3.50


There are many options for returning to the Port Authority. A theatre employee will be happy to direct you to the bus stop. You won’t wait more than 10 minutes for a returning bus or jitney. Please have small bills for the return trip. 

Please watch the video below for details about getting to the theatre by bus. 


You can take the PATH Train or NJ Transit train to Hoboken, NJ, and catch an Uber or Lyft. The train station is 3 miles from the theatre. 

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