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by Joanne Hoersch

October 7 to 24

Thu - Sat: 8:00PM
Sun: 3:00PM

Bunnies tells the story of five Playboy Bunnies, who n 1973, at the New York Playboy Club, find themselves uplifted by the rise of feminism, haunted by the GoodBar murder and conflicted about their jobs as sex symbols, while they bond in humor and compassion over the course of one evening. 1973 was a seminal year in that it also planted the seeds for the #MeToo movement, that would come to fruition in 2017.


Featuring: Mandy Evans-Brown, Bess Miller, Ryan Natalino, Irene Rivera, Serena Marie Williams


Directed by Frank Licato


Production Manager/Set Design: Gregory Erbach


Stage Manager: Dawn D’Arrigo


Lighting: Tyler Hieb

Sound/Music: Donald Stark


*Everyone must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask while in the theatre.

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